Juliette Tong RenTong Ren

         Tong Ren is a highly targeted method of directing healing energy to the body. It can achieve extraordinary results by combining complementary elements of Western and Eastern medicine, and is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Its popularity is driven by success at healing or controlling cancers and other debilitating conditions that have not responded to traditional Western medicine or Eastern therapies. East and West have contradictory but complementary understandings of the body, of the mind and of healing. Neither approach is adequate alone, as evidenced by many incurable diseases. Both are necessary components of a healing system to treat all aspects of the whole person, and allow the body to heal or cure those same illnesses. Tong Ren incorporates Western science with Eastern wisdom, but is not simply the sum of two sciences. Its healing power grows a quantum leap by harnessing another natural tendency we have all observed in nature: Synchronicity. The animal kingdom demonstrates a capacity we share. The perfectly synchronized movements of birds flying in a flock, or fish swimming in a school are not coordinated by the usual senses of sight, sound, smell, feel or taste -- but rather by "brainwave entrainment" with an instinctive commonality. They move in perfect harmony because each is connected with the brainwave energy and patterns of the group. We then use the natural tendency toward synchronicity to bring diseased organs back into harmony with the healthy bioelectric patterns of Tong Ren practitioners, and even more importantly into entrainment with the more powerful global brain. My Tong Ren healing sessions are held via telephone. Call from your home or office and be comfortable.

For more information on Tom Tam's Healing System, go to www.tomtam.com Letter for Doctors, by Dr. W. Daly: http://www.tomtam.com/tong-ren-letter-for-doctors-by-william-c-daly-md/

To schedule your initial Tong Ren Consultation or your 20 minute Tong Ren Treatment, click on the "Appointments" tab, select: "Wellness or Integrative", and scroll all the way down. Or email Juliette at: Juliette@CenterOfThought.com or call her at 781.593.4222. ALL TONG REN TREATMENTS ARE CONDUCTED OVER THE TELEPHONE. CALL FROM ANYWHERE AND BE COMFORTABLE.